Bernie Sanders Insures that Joe Biden Becomes the Presumptive Democratic Nominee

In a split screen moment, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders discussed issues facing the country. The full video below includes a surprise endorsement of Joe Biden by Bernie and mutual topics of interest were discussed. Bernie knows that now is not the time to continue to run his campaign, but instead go all in with the man that every indication to date, shows that Joe Biden is on a sure path to victory in the Democratic run as the candidate for President. During the primary for the last general election in 2016, Bernie refused to almost the very end to finally support Hilary Clinton as the Presumptive Democratic Nominee for President. This time around, there is still almost 7 months before the next general election of 2020 and Bernie Sanders is on-board to support Joe Biden.

Here is the full video of the split-screen moment of the endorsement…

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