Joe Biden Full Acceptance Speech after Becoming President-Elect

                     Fireworks Display After the Acceptance Speech

Saturday’s President-Elect Joe Biden victory speech was historic for a number of reasons, but there’s one big reason that came as a shock: an epic drone light show.

Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris on Saturday night each delivered a victory speech at a drive-in rally in Biden’s home city of Wilmington, Delaware. The speeches largely went as expected — save for one big surprise finale: a drone light show.

2 thoughts on “Joe Biden Full Acceptance Speech after Becoming President-Elect

    1. James Post author

      Who really needed to tell his voters to wait?. Trump’s supporters decided not to stay calm as they attacked the U.S. Capital putting the entire US Congress that was in joint-session at that moment in imminent danger while certifying Joe Biden as the next president. Wait for what? What I’m waiting for is to see Donald J. Trump make it to ‘The Farm’. Trump has lost the presidency, he has lost the Senate, he has lost his Twitter account and temporarily lost his Facebook account. Now he’s in for a double impeachment, and a trial in the democratically controlled Senate after the election, to be then barred for life from ever holding ANY elected political office including his run for president in 2024. Anything he has ever done from the White House for the good, is now overshadowed by the INSURRECTION that he LED on Wednesday, January 6, 2021.


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