Joe Biden Arrives in D.C. Prior to His Inauguration to Honor the Dead from Covid

President-Elect Joe Biden arrived at Joint Andrews Airbase in Washington D.C at 4:00PM Eastern Time today, on Tuesday, 1-18-2021 to attend his inauguration tomorrow. He will become the 46th President of the United States at 12 o’clock Noon. But before he was to become president, he will attend a service an hour and a half later to honor the 400,000+ now dead in a Nationwide Covid-19 Memorial. He brings his empathy to the Capitol on his sleeves, whereas the outgoing President Donald Trump has never been able to do. The outgoing president never took time out to honor the dead from the pandemic, EVER. The outgoing president will not even have the decency to fulfill tradition, as the outgoing president normally meets the incoming president in what is called a peaceful transition. President Donald Trump will not be there to greet him, and he is leaving the White House early in the morning on Wednesday, taking advantage of Air Force One for the last time, and fly to Florida, most likely to stop at his business, known as Mara Largo. Of course, on his way out, he will have a party. Trump doesn’t even have honor to admit that he lost the election to date. Trump will be known as the most abnormal president in recorded history and the one person elected to the office that was not qualified to be a U.S. President.

Joe Biden’s main job as President immediately after the inauguration will be to bring the country together, while tackling Covid head on. He is making this effort for his first main act as President. Then he must continue by bringing both Democrats and Republicans together in a time to heal after the presidency of Donald Trump. Now he must immediately prepare for his inaugural address tomorrow. Joe Biden must try to convince Trumps followers that they were living a lie as they lived in Donald Trump’s world of false reality. Unfortunately, a large group of Trump’s supporters took part in the insurrection at the Capital on January 6th on Donald Trump’s whim. Many of the participants are going to jail, and most think that they will be able to evade the law. If you speak with the FBI, you will soon understand that the FBI has the means in finding ALL of the people who participated in the riots at the U.S. Capitol, and recordings of the activities of the rioters as they were defacing the Capital building inside. All will face prosecution. If they took pictures, and shared them on social media, and most did, they can be tracked down. If you updated your pictures to Facebook or other social media platform with one of those photographs or posts, look forward in receiving a call from the FBI even if you removed the pictures and took down your post. If your picture is retrievable from any camera located in the U.S. Capital, then you will be found, contacted and prosecuted.

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